1. Fallen
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Canada's Summer of Anguish
First Organic Acoustic Recording


Of all the trees we’ve ever seen while living on this movie screen
the movie screen of life ~ is what I mean.
Old Growth Forests take our fears ~ give us calm and dry the tears
Mother Trees we cannot breathe without ~ stand right here.

They live and give us oxygen, leave us in the cooling shade,
Their secret roots join underground ~ around the earth
not for us to be seen..

On earth where Mother Trees, used to be ~ their spirit lost for eternity
Now deserts covered with debris ~ forever gone.
Ancient giants in old growth forest, can’t be replaced, I hope you know it,
carbon sequestered within, will save the planet’s lungs.

The Vatican, you priests and nuns, whether you’re here or gone
Rapes and murders and abuse.. now it’s your turn...
Confess the Truth ~ pay it back.

Leave the Trees for the Indigenous Nations ~ bringing healing, liberation
Honouring the murdered babies ~ crying their mother’s tears...
In ancient forests of BC, First Nations know what life used to be
their babies killed in residential hell ~ it’s time to heal the pain..

Britta Wolfert