Day 22: Renew


No longer conforming to the illusion of 'fine wine" passive behaviour ~ instead striving for 'blood root' tonic matriarch energy.

People on this planet (remember there is no 'Planet B') must find a way to disallow human parasites to extract and destruct and we as individuals must change our greed and privilege mindsets, clarifying what we really need to live meaningfully in harmony with the very natural environments who sustain and nurture us. We must stop the killing of our Mother, her creature and plant children.

Meaningless chatter on the internet is about as far removed from reality as the distance between Earth and Mars, seen as a way out, leaving a thoroughly ruined, perfectly beautiful planet (envisioned here minus humans) behind. 

Shut off the computer.
When was the last time you admired the dandelion growing from a crack in the concrete on your way to the subway? The lone scraggly tree fighting for her life in the Walmart parking lot, her roots paved over, people walking by without seeing her beauty and potential. 

The tree cannot move. Neither can the 1000 year old ancient elder trees in the Amazon and British Columbia rainforests, who embody the wisdom of this Earth, along with the ferns, mushrooms, ants, birds, mammals who have lived in harmony with each others for millennia.

Within moments, the elder succumbs to men with chainsaws, feller bunchers. Fertile soils and ecosystems, carefully nurtured through time, fall victim to greed within moments and cease to exist. Huge amounts of carbons are released into the atmosphere, unbalancing climate, throwing off temperature and climate of this planet. 

This is not a video game. Our morose minds must go deeper now. We must allow indigenous elders whose lands we took, to teach us respect for our natural environments.

Energy. Change. Now. 


Tina Turner ~ I Can't Stand The Rain

Yoga with Adriene





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