Day 18: Center


Truth be told ~ I have neglected my 30 Day Blog in favour of more important matters at this time. But I have been doing my yoga daily.

Determined to finish the 30 Days in time, here it goes:

Center. I feel centered when I write. It is a delicious thing to sit down with some coffee or wine, pull out that note pad (hopefully made from bamboo paper) and pencil and pour it on. 

Today a wee poem song I wrote less than a week ago. Envision rap.

Nature's on the Stage and we're the Audience

We've been plundering the planet for 100 years
Driving fossil fuel beasts without any fears
Domesticating creatures we deem below us
Drilling our way, deep below into the earth's crust.

But now: Nature's on the Stage and we're the audience...

We've been cutting down trees a thousand years our senior
we've been slaughtering animals so we can roast our wieners
We've paved asphalt snakes through mountains forests deserts
Violating Earth ~ who nurtures, waters, feeds us

But now: Nature is the stage and we're the audience...

We have herded ourselves into ugly stinking plants
manufacturing chemicals, killing trees and plants
poisoning the water, poisoning our kids
No other specie on this earth so lack of wit!

But now: Nature's on the stage and we're the audience...

The forests are on fire, the air is thick with smoke
We're sitting on the beach and think this is a joke
The temperatures are rising, the sunset's red as hell
We've put on our blinders, ignoring the alarm bell...

But now: Nature is performing we're the audience
Fires burn like hell and we're the audience
Rivers overflow and we're the audience

Stop the oil wells ~ cuz we're the audience


It's hugely overdue, that we change our ways
Stop logging old growth trees, reorganize our days
Kick out useless leaders, invest in new ideas
Green energy and spaces, before it is too late

Nature's on the Stage and we're the audience...


Jazz tune I love doing  with my band, mind you withsimplified lyrics. 

Lamberts, Hendricks & Ross ~ Four live

Vocal Brilliance!!



Of the wonderful things that you get outta life, there are four 
And they may not be many, but nobody needs any more 
Of the many facts making the list of life 
Truth takes the lead 
And to relax, knowing the gist of life 
It's truth you need 
Then the second is honor and happiness makes number three 
When you put them together you'll know what the last one must be 
Baby so the truth, honor and happiness 
And one thing more 
Meaning only wonderful, wonderful love that'll make it four 

Don't you know the score? Well. people, when they're younger, 
never realize the pleasure-treasure life's got 
But, as they grow older, realize a lot 
They got their minds on all the wrongest scenes 
An things that cost a lotta' money, but it's really very funny; 
they fade away and don't' amount to a hill o' beans 
Funny how the things in life we really should adore 
We forget, or ignore - end up poor- 
Spent a lot o' time on money and madness and end up in sadness 
Youth is the time when we should see the light 
Cause when we're old wasted, the dues for what we've tasted run so high 
That we pay ‘till we die-then we know that youth 
that made us strong is wasted on the young, 
So-enjoy it gaily! 
Love life! And live it daily 
You'll find a lot of things to bring you joy and give peace of mind 
Get it while the gettin's good, ‘cause every body, if they only 
would, life would be a set- 
Live would be a groovy set-groovy as a movie 
Wail! Wail! Let your voice be heard. Spread the work! 
Every body's hear's got ears 
Only gotta' teach em' how to use em-not abuse 'em 
So take a tip from me: the world's everything 
it oughta' be as long as you can be sure 
There is no more to life than same ol' four. 
Hard to believe, I know, but time will show 
That even though you think it's boresome, two-and-two together constitute a foursome! 
That's all -four is the figure-that's all! 
Ain't gonna be gettin' any bigger, doesn't matter how you slice it up, 
you'll never change it 
You count everything that fate throws into life potstill 
really four is all you've got. 
Haven't they told you about he little pleasures that are part of all the rest 
You live a little and love a little 
And take a little and give a lot-still the total is happiness 
But that's only one -you've just begun; there's gonna be more 
After this are truth and honor shinin' 
And love combinin' to make it four-no more.


Yoga with Adriene ~ Center

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