After The Pandemic Gold Rush

Clawing ourselves out of a pandemic (I can no longer tolerate the term..) many of us have been seen picking up straight from where they left off 2 years ago

The more sensitive types, artists and such, are seen scanning…

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New World Order ?

“If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.”
Albert Einstein

So, how do we fit into this apparent 'new world order' forced upon us ONCE AGAIN by just ONE man ~ namely Putin, a Hitler wanna-be, with

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Sunday. Turning the corner at the road, backpacking a spice loaf and a dozen of cookies down the valley road to the neighbour's, dressed severely, for warmth, for comfort into the icy West winds while marveling the wonders another…

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Never forgotten...

As we remember today those who participated and died during WW 1 and WW 2 ~ we must as well remember the mothers who lost their sons and partners. We MUST remember the innocent

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Rejuvenate : Day 24


October 30 morning.
Can you hear the waterfalls in the distance? Or even imagine hearing them, as I cannot post the video here, only a still.
Early mornings and nightfalls allow our ears to pick up the pristine distant…

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Dedicate: Day 23


"As I vow to continue unlearn my privileged white settler behaviour and engrained ignorance ~ 
I vow to do my best to learn, understand and respect indigenous history and culture of the peoples and life giving lands I am…

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Day 22: Renew


No longer conforming to the illusion of 'fine wine" passive behaviour ~ instead striving for 'blood root' tonic matriarch energy.

People on this planet (remember there is no 'Planet B') must find a way to disallow human parasites to…

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Day 21: Control. The Future Looks Bright.


The past 24 hours, focus here in Canada revolved undeniably around 'Control'. 

~ Federal Election Leaders' debate is / was about Control over Canada's ever tensing political, social, industrial affairs.

~ BC Loggers' aggression is about Control over the

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Day 20: Pause


For CHANGE to happen, we must pause and reflect. Gather and talk, raise awareness amongst each others and ~ most importantly, those who call themselves political leaders. The planet is burning up. Where can we make THE difference? Elections

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