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Featuring 11 original songs and 14 fantastic musicians, released in September 2013:
'Jazzy, folk/pop, a touch of cabaret poetry, humorous tango, melancholic dreams, travel and earthy planet realities ~ Soothing vocals, guitar, double bass, violin, harmonica, accordion, banjo, keys, trumpet, et al...feel good listening...'

...very much looking forward to hearing from you!


New Bird... 

KLM sent a new Bird from Amsterdam due to technical difficulties...departure from TO delayed, so is dinner! 
Getting pretty hungry now...nuts n chocolates, chocolates n nuts...

Toronto the Great 

Safe arrival in Toronto following a rough runway approach with Porter due to extremely windy conditions...phew!
Heroic Pilot braved the incredible conditions skillfully.  In awe with TO skyline and exotic ducks each and every time...
LOVE the cultural diversity here!
Hours of deep conversations with wonderful friends...disappointed tho, didn't make it to #GnoJazz @ Chalkers last night...excruciating back pains from just one wrong movement...ugh. May I blame the cold weather, please...Vowing to attend 'Girl's Night Out' one fine Wednesday soon.
Skip across the Ocean tonight...towards Amsterdam ~

Happy Monday! 

Good morning! At -36...'#ThinkSpring ~ dreaming of the upcoming #GardenArt seasons, digging hands into the warm earth, enjoying colours ~

Wabos Warblers today! 

Close to my Heart...us WABOS WARBLERS will warble today @ Searchmont Resort, 3-6 pm...a surprising and ethnic mix of original and traditional tunes,
be enthralled by the unexpected ~ Love to see you out on this beautiful and springy day in Searchmont Valley!

Acoustic Night / Wedding Proposal / 81st Birthday... 

What an Acoustic Night played at the Watertower Pub!
Received an email last night to play 'Signs' by Tesla and to weave in a wedding proposal...SHE ACCEPTED!
...and also sang 'Happy 81st Birthday' and 'The Rose'  to Rose.
A very lovely crowd, thanks to Doug Cousineau for playing along on his guitar ~ good night, Moon

Mail it and they will come... 

...Northern Ontario Music Awards and the Odyssey of my Moonstone package gone astray:
Sent off my entry with Moonstone to Music & Film in Motion in Sudbury on February 10th and  tracked the package February 17th,
only to find out that it was RETURNED TO SENDER!!!  No!!! 
Luckily caught the package in SSM, before delivery back to Searchmont and ran it over to Purolator and sent it off .... again!
The call came this morning, it arrived today safe and sound in Sudbury at Music & Film in Motion, phew! Deadline today.
After all the hard work everyone put into Moonstone, this last little extra episode must mean something! Determination found a way ...


There's something in the Air...! 

...gearing up for various gigs within Sault Ste Marie, before heading out to Toronto for some Jazz at Gno Jazz Girls Night Out at Chalkers Pub,
then heading on to Hamburg / Germany for some long overdue connections with friends and fam, and a mandadory gig at favourite Pub Hafenbahnhof on March 4, 2015! 

Can't wait to sniff that harbour air, got to the Fish Market, hear and speak Platt Deutsch,
eat Labskaus and listen to the fish tails :-)


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Britta Wolfert live

Hafenbahnhof, Grosse Elbstrasse 276, 22767 Hamburg, Germany


8-10 pm Live performance of originals & cover tunes in my favourite iconic club, by the Hamburg harbour front! Ecstatically awaiting to see friends & family, alle Jungs un Deerns ut Hamburg!

Lasst den Hut rumgeh'n & CD Verkauf! Age limit: All ages