Britta Wolfert

*Saturday, January 24th, 2015
Originals, Standards, Rock with Band
Martin Virta (bass), Rusty McCarthy (guitar), Mark Gough (drums)
@Searchmont Resort, 3 - 6 pm

* Friday, February 13th
Solo Variety
@Roadhouse, 10 pm - 2 am

* Saturday, February 14th
Valentines Day Show with Rick Charbonneau
@Roxy's Haviland Bay, 1 - 4 pm

* Thursday, February 19th
Acoustic Night
@Algoma's Watertower Inn & Suites, 9 pm - 12 am

* Saturday, February 21th
Originals, Folk & Surprises with the 'Wabos Warblers'
Mistr Tahti, Jeff Hinich, Britta Wolfert
@Searchmont Resort 3 - 6 pm

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